#파니니백 #PANINI Bag
The Harmony between ‘STRETCH’ which means a reflection of the active life in daily life and ‘ANGELS’
which is a symbol of the digital generation with infinite charm, seeking for healing and travel.
Experience a premium lifestyle with the 19 S/S look STRETCH ANGELS suggests.
STRETCH ANGELS New 19 S/S Season Items
The PANINI Bag(파니니백) was inspired of PANINI sandwich,
a favorite brunch food of rich young people in northern Italy in the 1980s.
The PANINI Bag (파니니백)
consists of the rectangular body of Panini sandwiches and logo strap
which depicts cheese stretching when eating the real panini.
It shows pastel colors like pink, mint, camel as an essential item for Romantic Spring.
The PANINI Bag completely covers from college students preparing for the new semester to baby moms
who need to be free of both hands.
Not only practical but also trendy design! This item is loved by many celebrities.
Depending on your taste, Street Mood ‘SGLS’ PANINI Bag is also available.
The PANINI Bag is a lighter item than ordinary leather bags.
But this PANINI Bag is an even lighter item and reflects taste of digital generation consumers very well.
Starting with the Metallic PANINI Bag for a special day,
even to the Reversible Spangle PANINI Bag which can be used in two ways.
Even the straps have a wide variety of selection for preferences of consumers.
Get The PANINI BAG of STRETCH ANGELS and complete your trendy OOTD!

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